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Frequently Asked Question

Do you work on updating existing websites which has been built by another web firm?

Yes if the site has been buit with PHP, Laravel, Rails or WordPress.

How much cost for building a website?

It depends on the project complexity, urgency, duration & unique requirements.  

Which CMS or language will be used for this project?

It depends on situation. Most of the cases PHP, Laravel, Rails or WordPress has been used.

How much time it takes to complete a website from start to finish?

Also depends but most of the cases it takes us 5/7 days to deliver a website.

Do you work on Non-English site?

No, we simply don’t.

What is the prerequisite?

A domain & hosting with SSL.

Can you please send the expected price?

Yes, but before doing so we need answer of few question mentioned on RSVP form.

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